We stand with the people, not the powerful.

Peretz & Associates has taken on the heavyweights of Fortune 500 companies, but there is always time to help tenants hang onto their homes.

What sets us apart as a civil society is that we are able to help each other in creating a community, but when there are bad actors in that community, Peretz Law equalizes the playing field through the smart, aggressive and strategic advocacy for the rights of employees, tenants and seniors.




Our firm exemplifies the personal qualities of its founding partner, Yosef Peretz.

Yosef believes that everyone should be treated in a respectful, fair and dignified manner. He has dedicated his entire career to upholding this basic principle and empowering aggrieved people to assert their rights and be financially recompensed whenever injustice rears its ugly head. Whether pitted against behemoth corporations, white-shoe litigation firms, or unscrupulous employers and landlords, Yosef and his team has a proven track record in delivering results and helping clients power through a difficult time in their lives.

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Employee Rights Center

You toil to make an honest living for yourself and your family, but some employers unfortunately put their profits over your well-being.

When employees are trying to go up against their boss, it can be a daunting prospect, but this process can be easier by understanding your rights. Peretz & Associates provides a comprehensive online resource that explains workplace rights.




We don't just mean well. 

We want real results for our clients. Real accountability. And we have a lot to show for it.


Silver-Sky, et al. v. Strategic Restaurant Acquisitions Corp., et al.


Balan v. Tesla Motors, Inc.


Silmi v. Ahmed


We are creating buzz

Through our fierce advocacy, Peretz & Associates is producing newsworthy results and sculpting the law. While successful resolutions for clients is all we toil for, it's with extra gratification to know our efforts are getting attention by observers in the media.

Our core competencies include, but are not limited to:

Employment & Labor Law

No matter your position, every workplace should be marked by justice, respect, and equality.

Business & Contract Disputes

Bringing our practical, real-world business knowledge and expertise to every matter, our mission is to protect your bottom line.

Elder Abuse

When aging adults are preyed upon and unable to fend for themselves, Peretz & Associates can speak up.

Practice Areas

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