No matter our age, justice dictates that all people are entitled to safety and dignity as part of a community where all members are created equal.


The National Center on Elder Abuse notes that knowledge about elder abuse lags as much as two decades behind the disciplines of child abuse and domestic violence and provides some early warning signs and alarming statistics here.

Oftentimes serving as the voice for the voiceless, Peretz & Associates need not be educated on the rampant abuse, neglect or financial exploitation of a burgeoning and vulnerable group of seniors who cannot fend for themselves.

As pioneers in this field, our firm has taken great solace in identifying, preventing or halting elder abuse whenever it rears its ugly head. In the preponderance of cases we handle, the aging population is not ensnared by the typical fraudsters and outsiders, but by family members, friends, caregivers and other trusted advisors within their close-knit circles.

When in the circle of life, your role is reversed and you are tasked with taking care of an aging parent, their decreasing mental faculties or physical limitations may necessitate their care be entrusted to a nursing home, assisted care facility, or other professionals.

If trust is betrayed and your loved one is subjected to unsafe, unsanitary or unhappy conditions, Peretz & Associates can intervene.

Oftentimes, our firm encounters attempts at cover-ups whenever elder abuse is alleged. Not to be obstructed, he tenacious elder abuse attorneys at Peretz & Associates will work tirelessly to bring any abuse, neglect, or medical errors to light, hold those responsible for their actions, and demand monetary damages commensurate with the suffering of the older adult.