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Ruth Israely, Esq.

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As a battle-tested attorney who has prevailed against top litigation firms, Ruth Israely has been with our firm since 2013 and has a lot to show for it in the form of many favorable verdicts for our clients. Ruth is adept in every phase of litigation, including informal negotiations, arbitration, mediation, and fierce advocacy in the courtroom during jury trials when relationships collapse. She is also no stranger to appellate work, making her capable of overseeing the case from the cradle to the grave.

Ruth has been indispensable in brokering or litigating the resolution and settlement of dozens of cases and you can view some of the banner cases below.

Ruth is well versed in administrative law matters and business disputes. If you ask her, though, Ruth's passion is in remedying the human and financial tolls of employment discrimination, wrongful termination, and retaliatory actions by employers. Navigating the labyrinth of California’s Labor Code and e-discovery motion practice is not for the faint of heart, but Ruth can make sense of it all in easily digestible terms and help you achieve your workplace goals, righting the ship if your employer has sent you off-course.

A mother of two, Ruth obtained her law degree from the University of California, Hastings College of the law, and infuses a regional perspective to Peretz Law by dividing her time between San Francisco and Connecticut. In her prior life, Ruth taught high school English and her eclectic experience is a nice compliment to our firm.

Banner Cases

Devera, et al. v. Employee Equity Administration, et al.

A class action for the recovery of unpaid paid time off for a class of 1,000 employees working in 8 different nursing homes in Northern California.  This case involved unique issues of successor liability in the context of the California Labor Code and piercing the corporate veil.  The case settled after the class was certified and motions for summary judgment were denied for $2,500,000. 

Silver-Sky, et al. v. Strategic Restaurant Acquisitions Corp., et al

This class arbitration involved nearly 9,000 fast food franchise employees working in 50 restaurants throughout the state of California, whose allegations included wage theft, time shaving, and missed meal and rest breaks.  Ruth worked extensively in this matter, tackling a heated dispute over electronic discovery and spoliation, the review and analysis of over 350,000 documents, preparing for over 30 depositions, and spearheading the process of obtaining two hundred declarations in support of class certification.  The case settled after class certification was fully briefed for a court-approved award of $5,500,000.  

Brown, et al. v. Freedom West Homes, Inc., et al.

This complex federal multi-plaintiff action resolved successfully on claims of disparate impact housing discrimination and RICO allegations against a housing cooperative in the heart of San Francisco.  The allegations unmasked a lucrative bribery scheme that generated millions of dollars while excluding African Americans from the rare opportunity to become shareholders in one of the most desirable cooperative communities in the city.  Facing off against three separate law firms on behalf of 18 plaintiffs, Ruth’s work on this case involved the review and analysis of hundreds of housing files to reveal altered documents and the taking of over 50 depositions of bribe-payers, plaintiffs, and other witnesses.   Ruth was heavily involved in all aspects of this case, which presented unique opportunities for zealous advocacy and creative problem-solving.  The case settled at on the eve of trial.

Zilincik, et al. v. Tesla Motors, Inc., Glaudell v. Tesla Motors, Inc., Vespremi v. Tesla Motors, Inc.

Ruth provided critical trial support to the lead counsel, who obtained unparalleled success against Tesla Motors in successive disputes over an ambiguous contract provision that led the California Court of Appeal to determine that stock options are indeed wages in the State of California.  The entire Peretz & Associates team contributed to the successes in these companion cases, and they are an example of the firm’s stalwart representation of clients against behemoth corporations and white-shoe litigation firms.