Script to use when calling probate sellers

A subscriber to our data asked recently asked for a phone script and so I thought I would take the opportunity to offer some guided verbiage, operative term guided. Once the conversation gets rolling, pre-canned scripts go out the window. I'm reminded by tutelage from one of my first telesales jobs, where the owner of the company told me, "the secret to telemarketing is not sound like a telemarketer." Another piece of advice he told me: "talk to people... not at them." 

Having said that, I might recommend building a series of yeses and ask the Personal Representative to confirm what you and they already know to be true, rather than prying for information. Here's an example. 

Hi, Gloria, my name is Ernesto over at Keller Williams, I was calling to confirm that you are the Personal Representative of Ryan Farmer? 


I also understand the estate property is located at 123 Main Street in Anytown?

That's correct. 

I'm curious if I can come by the property at some point this week for 15 minutes or so to take  a look at the probated property and see if [fill in the blank - one of my investors can provide immediate liquidity to the estate by making an all cash offer to buy the house in 'as is' condition with no need for repairs, OR list the estate home for top dollar.]

Armed with probate leads, you already have at your disposal all of the information to have an informed conversation.

What if the Personal Representative is out of state and can't meet? 

If the PR is located far away from the estate property, it's ideal because normally, there is an increased urgency to sell - they don't want to travel back and forth on their own dime to maintain the property. In this case, I might say something to the effect, 

"With your permission, can I stop by the property to ascertain the condition of the home, see what it might be able to sell for, perhaps take a few photos and share them with you?"

In an earlier post on marketing to attorneys to win referrals, I said this might be a good introduction, reminding the family's legal team that their client doesn't want to get bogged down in code violations. What I like about this "call to action" is that it's a low-maintenance decision - it requires little commitment on the part of the PR or attorney. Remember, the initial goal is to get in the door, broach a conversation, and build rapport.

There's much more to discuss in this nascent blog, but that's it for now. Until the next time, ABC - Always Be Closing.