Success Stories

We value the incredible relationships we've developed, and you can read about just a handful of them here. Peretz & Associates looks forward to applying our extensive trial and appellate experience to provide custom-tailored and cost-effective solutions to resolve your legal challenges.




[su_spoiler title="Devera, et al. v. Employee Equity Administration, et al." style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]A class action for the recovery of unpaid paid time off for a class of 1,000 employees working in 8 different nursing homes in Northern California. This case involved unique issues of successor liability in the context of the California Labor Code and piercing the corporate veil. The case settled after the class was certified and motions for summary judgment were denied for $2,500,000. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Silver-Sky, et al. v. Strategic Restaurant Acquisitions Corp., et al." style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]This class arbitration involved nearly 9,000 fast food franchise employees working in 50 restaurants throughout the state of California, whose allegations included wage theft, time shaving, and missed meal and rest breaks. Ruth worked extensively in this matter, tackling a heated dispute over electronic discovery and spoliation, the review and analysis of over 350,000 documents, preparing for over 30 depositions, and spearheading the process of obtaining two hundred declarations in support of class certification. The case settled after class certification was fully briefed for a court-approved award of $5,500,000. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Brown, et al. v. Freedom West Homes, Inc., et al. " style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]This complex federal multi-plaintiff action resolved successfully on claims of disparate impact housing discrimination and RICO allegations against a housing cooperative in the heart of San Francisco. The allegations unmasked a lucrative bribery scheme that generated millions of dollars while excluding African Americans from the rare opportunity to become shareholders in one of the most desirable cooperative communities in the city. Facing off against three separate law firms on behalf of 18 plaintiffs, Ruth’s work on this case involved the review and analysis of hundreds of housing files to reveal altered documents and the taking of over 50 depositions of bribe-payers, plaintiffs, and other witnesses. Ruth was heavily involved in all aspects of this case, which presented unique opportunities for zealous advocacy and creative problem-solving. The case settled at the even of trial. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Zilincik, et al. v. Tesla Motors, Inc., Glaudell v. Tesla Motors, Inc., Vespremi v. Tesla Motors, Inc." style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]Ruth provided critical trial support to the lead counsel, who obtained unparalleled success against Tesla Motors in successive disputes over an ambiguous contract provision that led the California Court of Appeal to determine that stock options are indeed wages in the State of California. The entire Peretz & Associates team contributed to the successes in these companion cases, and they are an example of the firm’s stalwart representation of clients against behemoth corporations and white-shoe litigation firms. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Ponce de Leon v. Wells Fargo & Co, et al. " style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]This matter involved a Wells Fargo banker whom alleged that she was wrongfully terminated in retaliation for whistleblowing about fraudulent conduct being committed by her co-workers. David worked extensively on this matter by reviewing hundreds of documents relating to the termination and whistleblowing behavior, conducting numerous phone interviews with other branch employees and taking their declarations, and submitting multiple lengthy legal briefs to the United States Department of Labor, Occupational Health and Safety Administration (“OSHA”) that supported Ms. Ponce de Leon’s claims in ample detail for consideration. Ultimately, OSHA ordered that Ms. Ponce de Leon be reinstated and paid a significant sum, and the matter later settled privately.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="40 Octavia LLC v. Karl-Heinz Pieper" style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]A landlord attempted to evict Mr. Pieper from his apartment on the basis that he was causing a nuisance in the building by having scores of guests visit the apartment, thereby threatening the safety of other tenants in the building. The landlord also sought an injunction against Mr. Pieper which would have prevented him from having any guests at all at his apartment. David worked tirelessly in this matter, first obtaining a denial of the request for an injunction on the basis that Mr. Pieper’s guests were not a nuisance to anyone. David reviewed numerous documents and hours of security camera footage, prepared for 8 depositions in the case and took an additional deposition himself, and prepared the case for a half-day evidentiary hearing and, later, a five-day jury trial before Judge William H. Alsup in the United States District Court for the Northern District of California. Peretz & Associates achieved a jury verdict in favor of Mr. Pieper, preventing his eviction.[/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Tergis v. Wong" style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]This matter involved two tenants in San Francisco who were forced to leave their apartment after their landlord refused to fix significant mold problems, causing the tenant to suffer from significant health problems. David’s contribution to this action included drafting a motion to secure permission from the Superior Court of California for expert witnesses to engage in destructive testing of the property, which revealed pervasive and dangerous mold problems at the premises. David also prepared for approximately 19 depositions in the case, many of them of expert witnesses and medical providers, and personally took or defended 3 of them himself. The case ultimately settled at the very eve of trial. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Yashchuk v. City Dental" style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]This matter involved a Russian immigrant to California whose employer took advantage of her by misclassifying her employment status under California law to avoiding paying his share of employment taxes and withholding other wages and benefits that she was entitled to receive. Shane’s work on this case included taking the key depositions of the employer and another employee and reviewing dozens of boxes of the employer’s records. This evidence proved critical at trial, where the key witnesses were successfully impeached based on their deposition testimony and the employer’s records. After a bench trial in Alameda County Superior Court, the judge found for the firm’s client on all of her employment claims and awarded her full attorneys’ fees and costs. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Herzallah v. Massis, et al." style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]A commercial lease was unreasonably withheld from a small business owner by a major landlord in San Francisco. Shane’s contribution to this action included successfully opposing defendants’ demurrer and motion for summary adjudication. Once it became clear that defendants would not be able to dispose of this case through motion practice, Peretz & Associates were able to secure a sizeable settlement for their client. [/su_spoiler]

[su_spoiler title="Connelly v. Bornstein" style="fancy" icon="plus-circle"]his appellate matter involved a fundamental question of law: whether a one-year or two-year statute of limitations applies to malicious prosecution actions brought against attorneys in the state of California. Shane was responsible for researching and briefing this issue before the Court of Appeal, and preparing the case for oral argument. Peretz & Associates successfully argued that the one-year statute of limitations applies, resulting in a published appellate decision with broad relevance to attorneys practicing in California. [/su_spoiler]