Time frame when working probate lists

Oftentimes, I'm asked how "current" or "fresh" probate data is, but my experience has shown that thinking in terms of freshness is not helpful.

Don't get me wrong, the data is recent, and depending on the market you service, oftentimes compiled on a weekly basis. But there's not a whole lot of probate filings, so unless you are in a densely populated area, we have to get archived data. In many cases, however, these aged leads are more responsive than the brand new probate petitions being initiated. Why?

Everyone has varying time frames to sell a property. When the probate process is initiated, some people want to sell yesterday. Others need more time. Maybe there is a living spouse that wants to remain in their home and three months later, wants to get closer to the kids. In other cases, the probate process needs to play itself out and the estate home reverts back to the kids, who have a sudden itch to sell. And so the "just right" moment is across the board. Maybe the executor/administrator wants to sell but has 99 other things on their plate when tasked with winding down the earthly affairs of a loved one.

While we have no crystal ball, we can say a couple things with near certainty. One, when the executor/administrator wants to sell, they want to sell the home quickly. Two, they are most likely to do list or sell the estate property to the agent or investor that made an early connection and was there for them over the long haul.

In the leads business, timeliness is normally the shiniest, coveted thing. Probate leads seem to defy this. There may or may not be instant gratification in working a list of probates and indeed, the archived filings are more responsive in a great number of cases.

The timing is across the board. But it works if you work it.