Reliable and verified probate court filings to get you in front of motivated sellers, clients, and fixer-uppers.

Focus on your core business by outsourcing the onerous and time-consuming task of mining probate data to our skilled team of legal researchers. Get all of the information you need to reach out to your prime prospects.


Real estate

Nearly always, the heirs do not want the home - they want the cash in the home. By contacting these motivated sellers, REALTORS® can build rapport with the families tasked with selling the real property, educate them on their options, and convince them you can get the top asking price. Investors can also provide immediate liquidity to the estate by purchasing the home with no need for repairs.

Financial advisors

There are many easy ways to overspend, but it’s even easier if beneficiaries receive an unexpected windfall. Financial professionals can help heirs manage a large influx of funds to avoid mistakes and prepare for the future. Help inheritors evaluate their spending decisions, avoid tax minefields, and chart a long-term investment strategy to put their newfound dollars to work.

Home improvement

Regrettably, many estate properties are in poor shape because the late homeowner was ill or could not maintain it properly. While in some instances an investor can purchase the home in “as is” condition, most families are looking to command the highest asking price and turn to contractors to make the requisite repairs and upgrades to be sold in a competitive market.



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