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Yosef Peretz, Esq.


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Yosef’s hard-won reputation in fighting for tenants’ and workers’ rights and delivering proven results has made him the Bay Area’s foremost advocate for clients who are mistreated by Goliath employers and landlords that typically have the lopsided resources to quash grievances if not for the aggressive legal representation of the underdog plaintiff. That is the domain of Peretz Law.

Despite Yosef’s sophistication in successfully prosecuting successful outcomes against some of the largest and most formidable opponents, Yosef’s philosophy is quite simple: Employees, tenants, and seniors should be treated respectfully, fairly, and with dignity.

When this overarching principle is breached, you can rely on Yosef’s uncompromising ethics and attention to detail to provide an assertive voice to restore a sense of equilibrium between the people and the powerful.

This lofty mission has translated to hundreds of millions of dollars in verdicts for needful plaintiffs who have claimed their rights with the informed advice of a firm that has deep-ingrained values sowed from Yosef’s humble beginnings in his homeland of Jerusalem, where his mechanically inclined father, Samuel, would routinely shrug off payment when a washing machine quit or a car wouldn’t start.

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Yosef continues his commitment to protecting the livelihood and well being of the marginalized and underprivileged through extensive pro bono work with an affinity towards assisting low-income tenants and people with AIDS who face tenant and employment issues.

Yosef’s successful trial experience in the courtroom and negotiating settlements on the sidelines span a wide range of employment issues, including but not limited to wongful termination and employment discrimination cases, instances of harassment, and class actions for wage and hour violations. Additional areas of expertise include the representation of tenants who are wrongfully evicted and real estate fraud transactions. There is also a special place in Yosef’s heart for seniors who are not only ensnared by the typical fraudsters, but by family members and other close confidants.

Yosef obtained a law degree from Israel’s most prestigious law school, the Hebrew University of Jerusalem School of Law, in 1996 and is licensed to practice law in both California (2000) and Israel (1997) and frequents the circuit of state and various federal district courts. He is a proud member of the State Bar of California, California Employment Lawyers Association, and close to home, the San Francisco Tenant Bar and the Bar Association of San Francisco.

In addition to the accolades by the Volunteer Legal Services Program of the Bar Association of San Francisco for exceptional work in protecting the rights of underprivileged clients, Yosef is the recipient of the Volunteer Attorney of the Year by the AIDS Legal Referral Panel.